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Join the CAVE3 Electronics Research Center

(a National Science Foundation IUCRC)

Industry, government and federal agencies are invited to join the CAVE3 Electronics Research Center (National Science Foundation IUCRC).  All members are required to sign the CAVE3 Electronics Research Center Membership Agreement.  Center membership options and benefits are listed below.  For more information, please contact

CAVE3 Membership Options

  1. Full-Membership: Full-members are core participants in CAVE3. They receive access to all research results and resources of the center, and plan and approve all member sponsored research in the center.
    1. Annual membership fee is $75,000.
    2. Payments can be made annually, semi-annually, or quarterly
    3. Parent company membership – all company sites with the same name as the parent company are included and can participate.
    4. Participation in all center projects
    5. Attendance at the semi-annual reviews of all center projects.
    6. Access to all CAVE3 information, software and activities
    7. Representation on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)
    8. Increased financial participation above normal membership fee is available to full member companies by purchasing separate affiliate memberships.
  2. Affiliate Membership: Affiliate members are companies that bring new projects to CAVE3 or current full members that want to add tasks to the current CAVE3 project. They receive access to research results on only the project that they fund. Research results from projects sponsored by affiliate members are available to all CAVE3 full-members.
    1. Annual membership fee is $50,000 and above.
    2. Membership requires a 1-year commitment, with no-cancellation options. Payments are made in advance of performing the research.
    3. Membership is restricted to single company site.
    4. Participation in single one-year project with scope defined jointly by company and AU faculty. Results of the project will be available to all the CAVE3 full-members. However, all proprietary intellectual property brought to the center by the company will not be shared with other CAVE3 members.
    5. Limited use of CAVE3 facilities and staff.
    6. Affiliate members cannot attend semi-annual CAVE3 project reviews. Can attend meetings on single CAVE3 project covered by affiliate membership.
    7. Information access is limited to single project covered by affiliate membership.
    8. No representation on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)
  3. Associate Membership: Associate Members are companies interested in only one of the ongoing CAVE3 projects. They receive only limited access to the CAVE3 research results.
    1. Annual membership Fee is $37,500
    2. One year commitment, with no cancellation options
    3. Non membership agreement required. University invoices company for membership after receipt of purchase order, or letter from Company indicating desire for associate membership. Membership begins when payment of annual fee is received. Payments must be made in advance of revealing research results.
    4. Single company site membership
    5. Participation in single ONGOING center project. All proprietary intellectual property brought into the center by the company will not be shared with other CAVE members.
    6. Limited use of CAVE3 Facilities and Staff.
    7. Cannot attend semi-annual CAVE project progress reviews of all Center projects. Can attend annual meetings on a single CAVE project covered by associate membership.
    8. Access to CAVE information on a single project covered by the associate membership
    9. No representation on the industry advisory board (IAB).

CAVE3 Membership Benefits

Members gain access to the following:

  1. Knowledge Base and Software  
    1. Access to current and past review proceedings
    2. Access to accelerated test databases
    3. Access to online software
  2. Fundamental Research  
    1. Immediate access to CAVE3 research projects
    2. Influence current and future CAVE3 research thrusts
    3. Partner with other CAVE3 consortium members on Center research programs. 
    4. Immediate access to CAVE3 inventions
  3. Laboratory and Teams  
    1. Interaction with student-faculty teams regarding on-going research
    2. Equipment and laboratories for running tests related to sponsored projects.
  4. Education  
    1. Free attendance to the CAVE3 reviews. 
    2. Discounts on CAVE3 courses and workshops

Auburn University Commitment

Auburn University supports the CAVE3 Research Center by charging a reduced overhead of 10% on all membership fees.