Component Reliability and Prognostic Health Management Systems

In this research area, reliable component packaging technologies (BGA, CSP, 3D Packaging, QFN, etc.) are being developed for harsh environments such as automotive under-the-hood and aerospace applications. The major goal is to develop fundamental knowledge on the interactions between component design and material selection on package reliability and thermal performance in harsh thermal cycling and vibration environments. Deliverables include crack propagation and damage models; thermal cycling reliability data; algorithms for prognostication; computational models for reliability and thermal performance; design guidelines and decision support tools; and models for shock, drop, and vibration.




Dr. Pradeep Lall (Research Leader)


  • Develop fundamental knowledge on electronic material constitutive behavior and damage relationships in harsh environments
  • Develop interaction relationships for component architecture, size, and underfill on reliability, thermal performance, and manufacturing in harsh environments
  • Develop computational tools to predict reliability at component and system-level based on failure physics
  • Develop guidelines on the selection and use of components in harsh environments
  • Develop accelerated test data on electronic structures including but not limited to – metal backed boards, high Tg laminates subjected to extreme environments

Project Titles

  • P11-101      Life Prediction Models for of Reliability of Leadfree and Advanced Interconnects
  • P11-102      Measurement of Accrued Damage in Long-Life Field Extracted Electronics
  • P11-103      Statistical Models for Semiconductor Package and PCB Property and Geometry Parameter Evolution
  • P11-104      Physics-Based Cost-of-Reliability for Leadfree Area-Array and Perimeter Packaging 
  • P11-105      High-G Shock Reliability Models for Interconnects and Interfaces in Leadfree Electronics
  • P11-106      Prognostic Health Management of Leadfree Electronics and Connectors under Shock and Vibration


  • High Strain Rate Properties and Life Prediction Models for SnAgCu Leadfree Electronics under Shock-Impact - Sandeep Shantaram (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • De-correlated Feature Space and Neural-Net Based Framework for Failure Models Clustering in Electronics Subjected to Mechanical-Shock - Prashant Gupta (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Simultaneous Multiple Stress Environment Test Vehicle for SnPb and Lead Free Assemblies - Ryan Lowe (ME),Kewal Patel (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Prognostic Health Management T-Tool - Ryan Lowe (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Thermo-mechanical Reliability and Thermal Performance for the HEV Metal Matrix System - Mahendra Harsha (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Join Discussion on the CAVE3 Blog - Ryan Lowe (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Life Assessment of Pb-free Electronics Under Simultaneous Temperature and Vibration Loading -Geeta Limaye (ME), Krishan Kumar (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Effect of Reflow on Glass Transition Temperature of FR-4  - Vikalp Narayan (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Thermal Characterization of Copper Graphite Composite - John F. Maddox (ME), Roy W. Knight (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • High G-Level Testing of Micro-Coil Spring Interconnects  - Kewal Patel(ME), Ryan Lowe (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Interrogation of Accrued Damage and Remaining Life in Field-Deployed Electronics Subjected to Multiple Thermal Aging and Thermal Cycling - Mahendra Harsha (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Ridge Regression Based Development of Norris-Landzberg Acceleration Factors and Influence of Silver Content for Lead Free Electronics - Dinesh Arunachalam (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Line Spring Modeling for of Lead-Free Solder Alloys under Transient Dynamic Framework - Mander Kulkarni(ME),Sandeep Shantaram (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Extended Kalman Filter Based Models for Prognostication of Remaining Useful Life - Ryan Lowe (ME) , Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • IGBT Module Thermal and Reliability Re-Design - Mahendra Harsha (ME), Jack Maddox (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)
  • Package on Package Test Vehicle Assembly for Drop and Shock Reliability Evaluation - Arjun Angral (ME), Prashant Gupta (ME), Pradeep Lall (ME)