CAVE3 Faculty Guest Editor for Special Issue of ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging on PHM

Pradeep Lall is the Guest-Editor for the Special Issue of ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging on Prognostic Health Management of Electronic Systems.  PHM has emerged as a key enabling technology to provide an early warning of failure. Early warning may be used to forecast planned-maintenance and assess the potential for life extensions. PHM has been applied to machines, aircraft, bridges, electronics, and bio-implantable systems.  Topics to be included in this special section on Prognostic Health Management for Electronics include: Component and system level prognostic health monitoring for electronics, Prognostic methods for electronics subjected to harsh environments, Prognostic sensors for electronics, Real time monitoring of leading indicators of failure in electronics, Fault mode classification in electronics based on prognostic sensors, Uncertainty management for decision-support based on prognostic information for electronics, Prognostics for lead, lead-free, and re-balled components, Adaptive control and risk mitigation based on prognostic information in electronics, and Implemented prognostic health management systems for electronics.