CAVE3 Researchers Win Best-of-Conference Paper Award at SMTAI Conference

CAVE3 Researchers received the Best of Conference-Paper Award for their paper titled: Interrogation Of Damage-State in Lead-Free Electronics Under Sequential Exposure to Thermal Aging and Thermal Cycling, Lall, P., Vaidya, R., More, V., Goebel, K., SMTA International, pp. 405-418, Orlando, Florida, 2010. The award winning paper developed a PHM technique based on nonlinear least-squares method called Levenberg-Marquardt (LM) algorithm which has been developed for two different damage proxies. Prognostic model performance based on standard prognostic metrics has also been evaluated for both the damage proxies to determine which leading indicator of failure can be employed for accurate life prediction. Results of interrogation of system state have been compared with a second set of experimental-matrix to validate the proposed methodology. The award was conferred at the SMTAI 2011 held in Ft. Worth Texas from October 17-21, 2011. SMTAI is a premier electronic packaging conference focusing on materials and processing, assembly, design, system level engineering, and supply chain management.