The Center for Advanced Vehicle and Extreme Environment Electronics (CAVE3) at Auburn University is dedicated to working with industry in developing and implementing new technologies for the packaging and manufacturing of electronics with special emphasis on the cost, harsh environment and reliability requirements of the vehicle industry.

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Center personnel work directly with the member companies to identify challenges and opportunities for new materials, processes and approaches to the production of electronics. The member companies select the research projects. Semi-annual project reviews, visits, monthly updates and frequent phone calls maintain a close interaction between the industrial members and Center researchers. CAVE3 currently has 30 members teamed up with Auburn representing material, component, equipment and electronics assembly companies.

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Prognostic health management (PHM) is a method for assuring the reliability of a system by monitoring the system in real time as it is used in the field. As the system wears out, but before failure, information that facilitates decision making about the future use of the system is delivered to the user. Learn more about this exciting technology here.